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Clondalkin Drug & Alcohol Task Force  Audited Accounts 2018

Clondalkin Drug & Alcohol Task Force Annual Report 2018 Download   CDATF Annual Report 2018

Drug support groups in Clondalkin reported large increases in recent years of Travellers doing ‘home detoxes’ with methadone, due to “deeply stigmatised” attitudes over heroin use.DRUG support groups in Clondalkin reported large increases in recent years of Travellers doing ‘home detoxes’

The appeal of heroin amongst young people in the Clondalkin area has dramatically reduced in recent times. Young people in their 20s who have spoken to Clondalkin Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (CDATF), are “fiercely resistant to the idea of using heroin, crack cocaine, or intravenous drug use.” They

A growing number of middle-aged men – holding down professional careers – are turning to muscle-building anabolic steroids to make them look and feel more youthful. There has been an unprecedented surge in the amount of steroids seized by the authorities, with figures in 2017 up an average

Cocktails of drugs involved in two of three fatal overdoses A cocktail of drugs is involved in two out of three fatal overdoses, according to new figures. The National Drug-Related Deaths Index also shows that prescription drugs continue to account for the greatest amount of poisonings. The index, compiled

Dr Jennifer Grant October 25 2017 Dear Doctor, My sister has been getting tanning injections – aside from the fact that I think she looks ridiculous, I’m curious to know if they are safe or not. She’s basically addicted to them and looks totally ‘tangoed’ now. I’m

STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH (ALCOHOL) BILL October 5th, 2017 The 24 Local and Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces have, for the past number of years, made continuous efforts to support local communities as they deal with the harm caused by excessive and harmful drinking.  Alcohol misuse




Clondalkin Drugs Task Force
A1 Weatherwell Business Park
Dublin 22


Tel: (01) 457 9445
Fax: (01) 457 9422
E-mail: coordinator@cdatf.ie

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